The 1st Testee Award Winner: Eagles Head Coach, Chip Kelly

…. for having a pair of ‘clees big enough to dump DeSean Jackson.

By Testiclees

News wires and sports services across North America lit up on Friday with word that the Philadelphia Eagles had effectively fired star receiver and franchise-tagged player, DeSean Jackson.

Although a separation has appeared in the works recently, Jackson’s release from the team was greeted with a heavy dose of whiplash as most NFL fans collectively stopped on a dime to ask, “are you kidding me? Eagles Nation took it’s outrage to Twitter, and even questioned if the entire organization had gone off it’s meds.

To most NFL fans, Jackson wasn’t just any pedestrian style receiver. @ESPNNFL, for example, pointed out that number 10 had the most receiving TDs of 30+ yards or more since 2008, with 21.

The stream of stats, rumor and innuendo discussed on wires and social media today took on a Twain-like spin; only in reverse… as in “there are statistics, damn lies, and lies”.

This writer has no idea, cannot verify, and will not contribute to the conversation about DeSean Jackson’s apparent off-field activities that allegedly contributed to his termination. However, NFL sources, who wish to remain anonymous, confirm reports the receiver was a disruption in the locker room, was late to meetings and possessed an attitude considered detrimental to the team.

Furthermore, one source, speaking specifically about the receiver’s on field talent, said Jackson “is a pussy who doesn’t like to cross over the middle”.


Although Jackson denies the rumors and innuendo circulating around him, his termination says more about Chip Kelly as he settles in as head coach.

Kelly, currently preparing for his sophomore season in the NFL, is clearly not happy after getting bumped by New Orleans in the opening round of the playoffs…. at home. With one season out of the way, and a 10-6 record under his belt, the former Oregon coach clearly has his sites set on better finishes.

The decision by the Philadelphia Eagles today to dump their star receiver sends a signal that Chip Kelly is in charge. Instead of a one-man offense, Kelly’s message is that it’s an offense filled with diverse options and endless possibilities. The inherent complexities require a discipline that can’t absorb distraction, whether via self promotion, self-glorification or plain old selfishness.

By releasing a franchise-tagged wide receiver today, Chip Kelly demonstrated Testicular Audacity by dumping a guy who was arguably his best player. And for that, he is this week’s winner of the Testee Award.


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