About Testee Awards

The Testee Awards are written and produced by the 79th generation direct descendant of the Ancient Greek philosopher by the same name, Testiclees (tĕs′tē klē′z), known in Greek as  Τεςτικλής, or “Testikles”; (Latin: Testiclaes)

Testiclees LXXIX is a modern day commentator, analyst and overall sports pop-culturalist.

Friends are known to call him “Testy”, while new acquaintances are welcome to address him as “Mr Clees” until the air of formality either rubs off or wears thin. However, in most cases, the mono-structural address of “Testiclees” is quite pleasing.

Testiclees is neither highly educated nor overly stupid. But he is an avid sports fan who appreciates a top notch performance in almost any athletic endeavor. Blog posts will generally focus on opinion-based commentary, and it is assumed (as in hoped) all readers will have a top-notch and “sporting” sense of humor.

In a perfect world, a Testee will be awarded weekly if conditions warrant, however, there will be monthly and annual announcements.

Testiclees welcomes audience interaction and advice on “Clees-worthy” or “Clees-able” moments in any athletic performance, regardless of gender.   Readers are welcome to follow the Testee Awards on Twitter (@testyawards) and to like the Testy Awards on Facebook.


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